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Nation Irrisen
Region Thronehold
Size Small town
Population 870
Government Autocracy
Ruler Baroness Helka

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 28

Ledenica is a small, yet busy town on the Marbleflow River in the Irriseni capital province of Thronehold. The town is fortified against the wintry terrors originating in the Frozen Fog across the river.[1]

Baroness Helka is the efficient ruler of the town and her stone keep is located in the center of Ledenica. The Baroness, convinced by her Jadwiga guard captain Vlad Omelinsky, hires mercenaries to deal with the threats from the Frozen Fog, rather than risk her soldiers. Vlad Omelinsky handles the contracts with the mercenaries and is notorious for cheating and filling his own coffers. The Baroness knows nothing about this and, if she were ever made aware, she would execute her captain.[1]

Ledenica is famous for three of its inns: Natalya's Riverside Inn, the Spirit's Caress and the White Raven. The travellers to and from Whitethrone enjoy visiting these inns. The White Raven is owned and run by sisters Kira Brodovsky and Kaleena Brodovsky and is a secret meeting place for the underground anti-government movement called the Heralds of Summer's Return.[1]

Notable inhabitants


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