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Nation Irrisen
Region Wintercrux
Size Small town
Population 930
Ruler Vidlof Haradsson

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 42

Veshtak is a small town on the Marbleflow River in the Irriseni province of Wintercrux. The town is in a strategic location where the merchants load their cargo onto ships traveling the river north.[1]

Veshtak won the right to govern itself a generation ago, using bribes and political connections. The town exploits its position, exacting high tariffs, soliciting bribes and demanding a share of the goods. The Cold Sisters keep an eye on the greedy Ulfen townsfolk of Veshtak. A number of former mayors, dock wardens, warehouse managers hang in cages in the town's main square.[1]

Veshtak's current mayor is the greedy Vidlof Haradsson. Few know that the dockworker Marina Gnetsky is actually Vidlof's boss. When the Cold Sisters come to town, Marina will make sure that Vidlof will be punished instead of her.[1]


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