Harvest's End

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Harvest's End
Nation Irrisen
Region Bleakmarch
Size Village
Population 143
Demographics 140 human, 2 halfling, 1 ice troll
Government Overlord
Alignment Neutral evil
Leader Rimetusk

Source: The Frostfur Captives, pg(s). 13

Harvest's End is a small village located near where the Rimeflow River and the Iceflow River meet in the Bleakmarch region of Irrisen. The village mainly sustains itself from fishing and trade, with the traveling merchants standing out sharply with their colorful clothes next to to drab woolen clothes of the villagers. The town also has a ferry for merchants and lumberers to cross the Rimeflow River operated by an ice troll named Rimetusk.[1]

Rimetusk serves as the de facto leader of the town after allowing his ego to grow too large, since the town's isolation from Whitethrone means that Rimetusk communicates infrequently with the Jadwiga to whom he is supposed to report.

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