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Nation Irrisen
Region The Verge
Size Small town
Population 990
Government Autocracy
Ruler Baroness Urgalaena

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 35

Saarbotten is a border town on the Thundering River in the Irriseni province known as the Verge.[1]

Saarboten is organized entirely toward the support of the raiding parties that cross the border south and west into the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The town hosts permanent armories, camps and warehouses. The Wintercrux town of Dalun has the responsibility to supply Saarbotten's food while Morozny and Vasterborg provide weapons and armor. Baroness Urgalaena is the bloodthirsty, enthusiastic ruler of the town, mocking publicly her sister Baroness Nadya of Dalun for her diplomatic efforts in order to improve trade with the Ulfen people. Baroness Urgalaena hosts the vicious "Crimson Tournaments" every week.[1]

Saarbotten is opposite the lands of Southmoor and Ysborg to the south and the eastern part of the Grungir Forest to the west. The nearest Ulfen settlements are the village of Whiterook in Southmoor and Losthome in the Grungir Forest. Saarbotten is also close to the gnome village of Delmon's Glen in the forest.[2]


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