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Titles The Whore Who'll Spread for Anyone
Nation Irrisen
Region Wintercrux
Size Small city
Population 5,830
Demographics 4,304 humans, 883 dwarves, 643 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Neutral evil
Ruler Duchess Svetochka Elvanna

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 42

The city of Morozny is the regional capital of the Irriseni province of Wintercrux.[1]

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In the Winter War of 3313 AR, the city of Morozny decided to surrender to the armies of Baba Yaga without a single fight. The people of Morozny were always practical men and they said they surrendered because it was obvious that Baba Yaga would prevail. The thanes of Djurstor Confederacy labeled Morozny with the coarse epithet "the Whore Who'll Spread for Anyone" which is still in use by a number of knowledgeable Ulfen.[1]

Queen Urvalane named Morozny capital of Wintercrux when she established the new province of the Verge, splitting the old region of Wintercrux in two. Morozny was already a large city and it has been proved obedient to Jadwiga rule. The capital of the original province of Wintercrux, Redtooth, became the capital of the newly formed province.[1]


Morozny is built on the south bank of the Rimeflow River and on two islands in the middle of the river (the Grand Isle and the Castle Isle). It is home to a flourishing metalworking industry which produces armor and weapons for all of Irrisen, and even exports some abroad.[1]

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