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Titles the Forge of Irrisen
Nation Irrisen
Region The Verge
Size Small town
Population 1075
Government Autocracy
Ruler Countess Ekaterina

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 36

Vasterborg is a heavily fortified town in the Irriseni province known as the Verge. It is located close to the border with the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and a large part of its population consists of soldiers, ice trolls and winter wolves. The town's businesses cater to the army. There are many taverns and brothels, fighting pits for the trolls and flat hunting areas, called "coursing fields", enjoyed by the winter wolves. A lucrative industry in Vasterborg is the production of fine weapons and armor and a large number of artisans and wizards are employed in this industry. Military Jadwiga across Irrisen pay excessive prices for the weapons and armor produced in Vasterborg and this trade has made the aristocracy of the town rich. Because of Vasterborg's industry, dwarven and non Jadwiga human metalworkers and wizards adept at the creation of magic armor and weapons have gained a high status and they even share a table with Jadwiga at local taverns. Elite artisans in Vasterborg's military industry are Posk Railhemmer, Chelia Duvenich, and the wizard Yemoses the Osirian. Countess Ekaterina is the ruler of Vasterborg, stockpiling wealth for decades to be ready for the struggle for power after the upcoming return of Baba Yaga in 4713 AR and the disposal of Queen Elvanna.[1]

Notable inhabitants


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