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Nation Irrisen
Alignment Neutral evil
Capital Morozny
Ruler Duchess Svetochka Elvanna
Government Overlord
Languages Giant, Hallit, Skald

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 38-43

The province of Wintercrux is the industrial center of Irrisen, producing the majority of weapons and armor for the armies of the Witch Queen.[1]

Wintercrux is bounded by Glacier Lake and the Rimeflow and Marbleflow rivers to the north and east, the Kodar Mountains and Thundering River to the south, and the militarized province of the Verge to the west. The mines of Wintercrux produce ore and gems which are transformed into armor, weapons and jeweled luxuries for export in its capital Morozny on the Rimeflow.[1]

Most of the Wintercrux's settlements are located along the province's rivers. Those venturing into the interior must be ready to face frost drakes, ice trolls, ogres or frost giant raiders from the Kodar Mountains.[1]


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