Arvanoff Elvanna

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Arvanoff Elvanna

Duke of Redtooth,
Military Governor of the Verge

Duke Arvanoff Elvanna is Queen Elvanna's second son. He is the ruler of the Irriseni province known as the Verge, which is the only province ruled by a man, not a woman. By tradition, the second son of the reigning queen is appointed governor of the Verge. Duke Arvanoff governs the province and directs all Irriseni western military operations from the Keep of the Hound in the center of the provincial capital Redtooth. He is married to Lady Shenen Betyrina.1

Duke Arvanoff is obedient to his mother. His one rebuke during his years as the governor of the Verge cost him his left hand. By his mother's orders he wears the mummified remains of his severed left hand on a iron chain around his neck.1

The Duke's latest paramour is Baroness Slavena, ruler of the town of Skrata. The Duke usually visits Skrata once per month.2

Lady Shenen was afflicted with lycanthropy several years ago. It is a shameful secret that the Duke has managed to keep hidden from the Queen.1