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Nation Irrisen
Region Thronehold
Size Small town
Population 500
Government Autocracy
Ruler Sister Arminaela

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 29

Riekamesto is a small town on Glacier Lake in the Irriseni province of Thronehold that has seen quite a bit of recent trouble.[1]

Recently the Cold Sisters discovered that Baroness Urszula and 13 of her councilors had been cheating Whitethrone, hiding tax revenues. Cold Sisters viciously killed these councilors, throwing them from the top floor of the Council House. Urszula was instead buried alive in a great brass coffin wrapped with bands of iron inscribed with strange sigils. They placed the coffin in the center of the town and six months after Urszula's desperate cries and frantic pounding continues from within.[1]

Sister Arminaela is temporarily the administrator of the town, achieving hard work and discipline from the peasants and increased tax revenues.[1]


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