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Crowtop is an abandoned village in the Irriseni province of Hoarwood. Inexplicably, the village has not decayed or been buried by the snow. It stands just as it did over a thousand years ago. Nobody knows its original name, but it is now called Crowtop because of the thousands of crows that perch on the village's roofs and fence posts in strange silence.1 It is one of the few places in Irrisen where crows can be found in large numbers, as they are normally killed on sight.2

People say the village's residents suddenly vanished. Within the houses, meals sit unfinished and chores half-completed, but nobody is known to have actually set foot in the place. It is said that Crowtop is cursed and the crows are the souls of all the Ulfen slain in Baba Yaga's conquest. They also say the crows serve some nefarious purpose for the White Witches,1 while others claim that they are psychopomps.2