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Small town
Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 22-23

Kizobran is a small town on the Gullik River in the Irriseni province of Hoarwood. The town caters to merchant traffic on the river. Since a few years ago, the ruler of the town is Baroness Veviane who has already proven a harsh mistress for Kizobran squeezing outrageous taxes from the peasants. She is also known to take a fancy to a man or woman, and when her carnal appetite is sated her victim is usually found frozen in a snow bank or floating in the Gullik River.1

In fact, Baroness Veviane is an imposter. It was she who murdered her "parents" Baroness Hedvika and Baron Gorney, setting fire to their home and succeeded them to the rulership of Kizobran. Veviane is actually the offspring of a boreal green hag and a charmed Jadwiga man, substituted for Hedvika's real child by a midwife who was also in thrall to the hag.1

The true daughter of Baroness Hedvika and Baron Gorney is Kataryne Vilimanov who is an officer in the local peasant militia. Kataryne has discovered her true identity and plans secretly to pursue her revenge. She wants to restore her proper position in the aristocracy.1

Sigvor Yovenovich is an assistant priest at the local temple of Pharasma. She is a member of the underground anti-government movement Heralds of Summer's Return and approached Kataryne in 4712 AR. Kataryne refused to join the Heralds and Sigvor lives in fear that Kataryne may expose her.1

Notable inhabitants