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Nation Irrisen
Region Hoarwood
Size Small town
Population 965
Government Autocracy
Ruler Baroness Arisa

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 23

Lod is a small Irriseni town near the headwaters of the Marbleflow River in Hoarwood province.[1][2]

Lod is the first stop of the trade path north along the Marbleflow River. The town welcomes Varisian merchants and its river front is full of wharves and warehouses. A dry dock called Cold Queen Waters repairs damaged barges and also crafts and sells small riverboats. Seven inns are close to the docks serving the merchants, riverboat captains, and their crews. The Boar's Head inn is renowned for its attached brothel and gambling house, run by the siblings Grevel and Holz Nabotov. Other known inns in the docks are the Sister Helena's and the Warm Doxy.[2]

The wealthy widowed owner of half a dozen warehouses, Vilma Lochnik is secretly a member of the underground anti-government movement Heralds of Summer's Return. Vilma is efficient in smuggling refugees out of Irrisen.[2]

Baroness Arisa is the ruler of the town of Lod. She has tried to open an overland trade path between Lod and the provincial capital of Hoarwood through the forest but she cannot deal with a strangely well-organized group of bandits called the Bitter Brotherhood.[2]


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