Gullik River

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The Gullik River springs from a northern branch of the Kodar Mountains and meanders northwest through the Algid Wastes for 100 miles before it is fed by its Red Fox River tributary. Less than 50 miles beyond that it is joined by the Wayward River, which flows from the Tusk Mountains to the east. Then it continues north for the last 150 miles of its course, acting as the border between Irrisen and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, before it flows into the Frozen Road River. Kellid tribes often clash with Irriseni raiders in this bloody, lonely area, while packs of trolls and ice trolls pick off members of both groups, and their long-dead ghosts haunt the battlefields. Some of the trolls are in the employ of Irrisen's White Witches, and act as a regenerating first defense of the realm.12


  • Kizobran: This Irriseni town in the province of Hoarwood caters mostly to river traffic.3
  • Coldwater: This small Irriseni town is part of the province of Thronehold and sits on the Gullik's western banks just south of its confluence with the Frozen Road.4

Sites of interest

  • Ruins of Tashagrot: The ruins of the former capital of the Irriseni province of Rimetusk lie on the eastern bank of the Gullik (in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords) south of the town of Coldwater.56


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