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Wilderness Origins

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins
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January 30, 2019

Wilderness Origins, a Pathfinder Player Companion by Kim Frandsen, Sasha Laranoa Harving, Violet Hargrave, Ron Lundeen,1 Andrew Mullen, Jessica Redekop, Mikhail Rekun, Sean K Reynolds, and Rodney Sloan, was released on January 30, 2019.

Go Back to Your Roots!Harness the unstoppable force and life-giving power of the natural world! Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins provides new options for those who peacefully coexist with their environments. Learn the magical secrets of the wilderness, tame fierce allies, and channel the awesome destructive power of nature and the elements, from the deadly rush of a flash flood to the inferno of a forest fire!

Inside this book you'll find:

  • Options for the shifter class, including new animal aspects, feats to augment the shifter's animal forms, and archetypes that channel the fury of dragons or the power of fey!
  • Racial traits, feats, and archetypes for the vine leshy, gathlain, and ghoran that allow them to further leverage their inherent connection to the verdant power of nature!
  • New player options for characters who draw their inspiration from nature, from witches who draw on the magic of wildflowers to summoners and spiritualists who bargain with kami!


Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins contains the following chapters:2

p. 2
p. 4
p. 10
p. 12
p. 14
  • Alternate Racial Traits
  • Racial Feats
  • Verdivant (by Andrew Mullen)
Enchanting Wildflowers
p. 16
Wardens of The Wild
p. 18
Wild Companions
p. 20
p. 24
Wilderness Magic
p. 26
Elemental Power
p. 28
Skies and Seas
p. 30
  • Champion of the Cascade (by Jessica Redekop)
  • Esoteric Starseeker
  • Natural Oracle Curses
  • Way of the Wind and Wave


  1. Ron Lundeen was omitted from the list of authors in the published book but is recognized as an author on the Paizo product page here.
  2. The cited authors are taken from the 'Product Description' thread at the product's page on the Paizo web site.