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Titles the City at the Edge of the World
Nation Hongal
Size Small city
Population 8,227
Demographics 5,753 humans, 1,895 tengus, 202 elves, 187 dwarves, 103 samsarans, 57 kitsune, 17 gnomes, 13 halflings
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Prince Batsaikhar

Source: Forest of Spirits, pg(s). 9

Ordu-Aganhei, the City at the Edge of the World, is the capital city of the nation of Hongal in northern Tian Xia.[1] It is also only one of two major settlements—the other being Muliwan—in the whole country.[2]

While Ordu-Aganhei is technically the capital of Hongal, the ruler of Hongal spends little time there. Instead, the nation's khan also rules the nation's most powerful nomadic tribe, and wanders with them as the greatest horseback riding tribe.[2] Traditionally, the ruler of Ordu-Aganhei is one of the khan of Hongal's brothers.[3][4]

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