Whispering lily

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Whispering lilies

Whispering lilies come in pairs and bloom within a day or two after being planted. When only one bulb is planted, both plants in a bonded pair appear white, but change color when the other half of the pair is planted. If the one plant dies, then the other also withers and dies. When the matching lily is planted, the first changes color so that anyone monitoring it will know to listen to it.1

The most interesting use of these flowers is that their roots transmit communication that can be only be heard and interpreted by the bulb's other half. If one speaks into an open flower, the message comes out of its twin.1

As of 4710 AR, Venture-Captain Varian Jeggare used 32 of these flowers as an instantaneous message system with his most trusted Pathfinders while the agents were in the field.1


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