Abrogail Thrune I

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Abrogail Thrune I
Abrogail Thrune I as a spirit.

Queen of Cheliax
Her Infernal Majestrix
4672 AR (age 74)
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 6-7
This article is about the late queen of Cheliax. For an article about the satirical play, see Abrogail I.

Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail Thrune I was placed on the throne of the nation of Cheliax after House Thrune won that nation's civil war in 4640 AR.1

Early life

Abrogail Thrune was born in Westcrown, then the capital of Cheliax, in 4598 AR.2

Chelish Civil War

In the chaos that engulfed much of Avistan and even Garund after the death of the god Aroden in 4606 AR, Cheliax was plunged into a decades-long civil war. After the death of King Gaspodar in 4622 AR, the country was left without a ruler. Various noble families attempted to seize the throne, but none succeeded. In desperation, Abrogail Thrune decided to appeal to the powers of Hell for support. It is not known what kind of bargain she struck with the devils, but with their help, she quickly beat back the other pretenders.3 What is known is that she sold her soul to Asmodeus in 4636 AR.2

Early reign

The Treaty of Egorian was signed on the 19th day of Calistril, 4640 AR, and marked the commencement of the rule of House Thrune over Cheliax and its territories. Using bound devils, the forces and allies of House Thrune were able to subdue all other claimants to the throne, and restore a much sought-after peace to the country. Her early reign was marked by the relocation of that nation's capital from its traditional place in the port city of Westcrown, to the inland city of Egorian on the shores of Lake Sorrow. The powers of Hell sent a pit fiend named General Gorthoklek to act as a teacher and adviser. The devil cloaks himself in a human guise when at court, but his aura of evil is undeniable.4

Having served her house faithfully during the civil war, the Queen asked Lictor Jaisade of the Hellknight Order of the Scourge to relocate to Egorian to serve as her personal guard and police force. Jaisade declined, stating that although the Order will continue serving the empire and promoting its version of the law, it will not submit to outside rule and compromise its ethics.1


Queen Abrogail was succeeded by her son Antoninus, who killed her to take the throne in 4672 AR.2 She was the great-grandmother of the current ruler of Cheliax, Abrogail Thrune II.5


Being the first queen of Cheliax's new era, Abrogail is memorialized throughout the empire. An enormous bronze statue of her decorates Thrune Square in Egorian, showing her ascending to the throne on the backs of prostrate men and devils.6


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