Adivian River

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The Adivian River,1 also known as the River Adivian,2 is a crucial regional resource for trade and transportation in south-central Cheliax, though rapids and significant waterfalls mar the route and make the river impassable to vessels with a deep draft. Despite these hazards, the river remains one of the primary means of transportation between the city of Westcrown near its mouth on the Inner Sea, and the capital at Egorian on the banks of Lake Sorrow.12

Geography and locations

Of the many hazards to navigation on the Adivian, the most notable are the Three Tumble Pools, Chalraka's Tears, and Rikkan Falls. The latter were named after an Andoren traveller who first drew the falls in 1896 AR and published his journals almost 40 years later as Travels on the Far Frontier. Over the centuries, several attempts have been made to ease travel along the Adivian. The impressive Stavian Arches were constructed between 3850 and 4100 AR and allowed even seagoing vessels to traverse the falls and gain access to Lake Sorrow and Egorian. However, saboteurs destroyed the third and largest of the arches, near the town of Westpool, in 4660 AR, leaving only medium-sized ships and barges able to ply the river trade.23

The Adivian Bridge crosses the river a mile west-northwest of Westcrown and is a significant garrison point for the Hellknight Order of the Rack. Gatehouses placed at either end of the bridge defend this important crossing.2

The Halikarnassos Hills lie between the Adivian River and Cliffs of Fury to the east, and the Turanian Hills roll west of the river. The Rikkan PortsEast Rikkan and Westpool—are named for the Rikkan Falls north of Westcrown, themselves named for the Andoren explorer who first drew them in 1896 AR.453

Recent history

The river was the site of a recent, prominent death: that of Infrexus Thrune, who held the crown of Cheliax before Abrogail II. Infrexus slipped under the ice of the river and drowned in the Adivian.6


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