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Flag of Kwanlai.
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Capital Hisuikarasu
Ruler Lady Sutarai-Gongen
Government Clan confederation under a benevolent autocrat
Languages Minkaian, Tengu, Tien
Religions Desna, Hei Feng, Lao Shu Po, Sun Wukong
Images of Kwanlai

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 29

Kwanlai is an unstable nation of tengu, located on the east coast of the main continental land mass of Tian Xia.[1] The nation was established after the fall of Lung Wa in an uprising known as the Feather and Starlight Rebellion, which was led by priests of Hei Feng and Desna. A group of Hei Fengan priests known as the Sunderstorm Covenant was instrumental in the rebellion, though they are now seen as contributing to Kwanlai's instability.[2]


Kwanlai was initially founded by Imperial Lung Wa as a province for its tengu citizens in 4280 AR. However, the support needed was never provided by the corrupt officials of the court and soon Kwanlai came to be treated as effectively little more than a prison colony.[3]


Surprisingly Kwanlai is a centre of worship for the hateful rat god Lao Shu Po.[4]

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