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Pathfinder Adventure Path

Rise of the Runelords

Pathfinder 1, Burnt Offerings.jpeg Burnt Offerings buy
Pathfinder 2, The Skinsaw Murders.jpeg The Skinsaw Murders buy
Pathfinder 3, The Hook Mountain Massacre.webp The Hook Mountain Massacre buy
Pathfinder 4, Fortress of the Stone Giants.jpeg Fortress of the Stone Giants buy
Pathfinder 5, Sins of the Saviors.jpeg Sins of the Saviors buy
Pathfinder 6, Spires of Xin-Shalast.jpeg Spires of Xin-Shalast buy

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Pathfinder 7, Edge of Anarchy.jpeg Edge of Anarchy buy
Pathfinder 8, Seven Days to the Grave.jpeg Seven Days to the Grave buy
Pathfinder 9, Escape from Old Korvosa.jpeg Escape from Old Korvosa buy
Pathfinder 10, A History of Ashes.jpeg A History of Ashes buy
Pathfinder 11, Skeletons of Scarwall.jpeg Skeletons of Scarwall buy
Pathfinder 12, Crown of Fangs.jpeg Crown of Fangs buy

Second Darkness

Pathfinder 13, Shadow in the Sky.jpeg Shadow in the Sky buy
Pathfinder 14, Children of the Void.jpeg Children of the Void buy
Pathfinder 15, The Armageddon Echo.jpeg The Armageddon Echo buy
Pathfinder 16, Endless Night.jpeg Endless Night buy
Pathfinder 17, A Memory of Darkness.jpeg A Memory of Darkness buy
Pathfinder 18, Descent into Midnight.jpg Descent into Midnight buy

Legacy of Fire

Pathfinder 19, Howl of the Carrion King.jpg Howl of the Carrion King buy
Pathfinder 20, House of the Beast.jpg House of the Beast buy
Pathfinder 21, The Jackal's Price.jpg The Jackal's Price buy
The End of Eternity.jpg The End of Eternity buy
The Impossible Eye.jpg The Impossible Eye buy
The Final Wish.jpg The Final Wish buy

Council of Thieves

Bastards of Erebus.jpg The Bastards of Erebus buy
Sixfold Trial cover.jpg The Sixfold Trial buy
What Lies in Dust cover.jpg What Lies in Dust buy
Infernal Syndrome cover.jpg The Infernal Syndrome buy
Mother of Flies cover.jpg Mother of Flies buy
The Twice-Damned Prince.jpg The Twice-Damned Prince buy


Stolen Land.jpg Stolen Land buy
Rivers Run Red.jpg Rivers Run Red buy
The Varnhold Vanishing.jpg The Varnhold Vanishing buy
Blood for Blood.jpg Blood for Blood buy
War of the River Kings.jpg War of the River Kings buy
Sound of a Thousand Screams.jpg Sound of a Thousand Screams buy

Serpent's Skull

Souls for Smuggler's Shiv.jpg Souls for Smuggler's Shiv buy
Racing to Ruin.jpg Racing to Ruin buy
City of Seven Spears.jpg City of Seven Spears buy
Vaults of Madness.jpg Vaults of Madness buy
Thousand Fangs Below.jpg The Thousand Fangs Below buy
Sanctum of the Serpent God.jpg Sanctum of the Serpent God buy

Carrion Crown

The Haunting of Harrowstone cover.jpg The Haunting of Harrowstone buy
Trial of the Beast.jpg Trial of the Beast buy
Broken Moon.jpg Broken Moon buy
Wake of the Watcher.jpg Wake of the Watcher buy
Ashes at Dawn.jpg Ashes at Dawn buy
Shadows of Gallowspire.jpg Shadows of Gallowspire buy

Pathfinder Chronicles

File:Campaign Setting.jpeg Campaign Setting buy
Cities of Golarion.jpg Cities of Golarion buy
City Map Folio.jpg City Map Folio buy
City of Strangers.jpg City of Strangers buy
Classic Horrors Revisited.jpg Classic Horrors Revisited buy
Classic Monsters Revisited.jpeg Classic Monsters Revisited buy
Classic Treasures Revisited.jpg Classic Treasures Revisited buy
Council of Thieves Map Folio.jpg Council of Thieves Map Folio buy
CotCT Map Folio.jpg Curse of the Crimson Throne Map Folio buy
Dark Markets.jpg Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh buy
Dragons Revisited.jpg Dragons Revisited buy
Dungeon Denizens Revisited.jpg Dungeon Denizens Revisited buy
Faction Guide.jpg Faction Guide buy
Gazetteer.jpeg Gazetteer buy
Great Beyond cov.jpg The Great Beyond buy
Gods and Magic.jpg Gods and Magic buy
Guide to Absalom.jpg Guide to Absalom buy
Guide to Darkmoon Vale.jpeg Guide to Darkmoon Vale buy
Guide to Korvosa.jpeg Guide to Korvosa buy
Guide to the River Kingdoms.jpg Guide to the River Kingdoms buy
Harrow Deck.jpeg Harrow Deck buy
Heart of the Jungle.jpg Heart of the Jungle buy
Inner Sea Poster Map Folio.jpg Inner Sea Poster Map Folio buy
The Inner Sea World Guide.jpg The Inner Sea World Guide buy
Into the Darklands.jpg Into the Darklands buy
Kingmaker Poster Map Folio.jpg Kingmaker Poster Map Folio buy
Legacy of Fire Map Folio.jpg Legacy of Fire Map Folio buy
Lords of Chaos.jpg Lords of Chaos buy
Lost Cities of Golarion.jpg Lost Cities of Golarion buy
Misfit Monsters Redeemed.jpg Misfit Monsters Redeemed buy
NPC Guide.jpg NPC Guide buy
Princes of Darkness.jpg Princes of Darkness buy
Rise of the Runelords Map Folio.jpeg Rise of the Runelords Map Folio buy
Rival Guide.jpg Rival Guide buy
Rule of Fear.jpg Rule of Fear buy
Second Darkness Map Folio.jpg Second Darkness Map Folio buy
Seekers of Secrets.jpg Seekers of Secrets buy
Serpent's Skull Poster Map Folio.jpg Serpent's Skull Poster Map Folio buy
Undead Revisited.jpg Undead Revisited buy

Pathfinder Modules

Academy of Secrets.jpeg Academy of Secrets buy
J5 cover.jpg Beyond the Vault of Souls buy
E2cov.jpeg Blood of Dragonscar buy
E1cov.jpeg Carnival of Tears buy
Carrion Hill cover.jpg Carrion Hill buy
City of Golden Death.jpg City of Golden Death buy
S1cov.jpeg Clash of the Kingslayers buy
W1cov.jpeg Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale buy
D1cov.jpeg Crown of the Kobold King buy
J3cov.jpeg Crucible of Chaos buy
B1 cover.jpg Crypt of the Everflame buy
Cult of the Ebon Destroyers.jpg Cult of the Ebon Destroyers buy
Curse of the Riven Sky.jpg Curse of the Riven Sky buy
D3cov.jpeg The Demon Within buy
J1cov.jpeg Entombed with the Pharaohs buy
W3cov.jpeg Flight of the Red Raven buy
From Shore to Sea.jpg From Shore to Sea buy
File:U1cov.jpeg Gallery of Evil buy
Godsmouth Heresy.jpg The Godsmouth Heresy buy
J2cov.jpeg Guardians of Dragonfall buy
U2cov.jpeg Hangman's Noose buy
D0cov.jpeg Hollow's Last Hope buy
D4cov.jpeg Hungry Are the Dead buy
TC1cov.jpeg Into the Haunted Forest buy
Masks of the Living God cover.jpg Masks of the Living God buy
Master of the Fallen Fortress.jpg Master of the Fallen Fortress buy
J4cov.jpeg The Pact Stone Pyramid buy
Realm of the Fellnight Queen.jpg Realm of the Fellnight Queen buy
D1.5 Revenge of the Kobold King.jpg Revenge of the Kobold King
W2cov.jpeg River into Darkness buy
D2cov.jpeg Seven Swords of Sin buy
Tomb of the Iron Medusa.jpg Tomb of the Iron Medusa buy
Lb1cov.jpeg Tower of the Last Baron buy
LB2cov.jpeg Treasure of Chimera Cove buy
We Be Goblins!.jpg We Be Goblins!
Witchwar Legacy.jpg The Witchwar Legacy buy

Pathfinder Companion

Adventurer's Armory.jpg Adventurer's Armory buy
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty cover.jpg Andoran, Spirit of Liberty buy
Cheliax Empire of Devils.jpg Cheliax, Empire of Devils buy
Dwarves of Golarion.jpg Dwarves of Golarion buy
Elves of Golarion.jpg Elves of Golarion buy
Faiths of Purity.jpg Faiths of Purity buy
Gnomes of Golarion.jpg Gnomes of Golarion buy
Halflings of Golarion.jpg Halflings of Golarion buy
Humans of Golarion.jpg Humans of Golarion buy
Inner Sea Primer.jpg Inner Sea Primer buy
LoF Player's Guide.jpg Legacy of Fire Player's Guide buy
Orcs of Golarion.jpg Orcs of Golarion buy
Osirion, Land of Pharaohs.jpg Osirion, Land of Pharaohs buy
Qadira, Gateway to the East.jpg Qadira, Gateway to the East buy
Sargava, The Lost Colony.jpg Sargava, The Lost Colony buy
Second Darkness Companion.jpg Second Darkness buy
Taldor Echoes of Glory.jpg Taldor, Echoes of Glory buy

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Advanced Player's Guide.jpg Advanced Player's Guide buy
Pathfinder Bestiary.jpg Bestiary buy
Bestiary II.jpg Bestiary 2 buy
Bonus Bestiary.jpg Bonus Bestiary buy
Pathfinder RPG cover.jpg Core Rulebook buy
GameMastery Guide.jpg GameMastery Guide buy
Gm screen.jpg GM Screen buy
Ultimate Combat cover.jpg Ultimate Combat buy
Ultimate Magic.jpg Ultimate Magic buy

Pathfinder Tales

Death's Heretic.jpg Death's Heretic buy
Master of Devils.jpg Master of Devils buy
Plague of Shadows.jpg Plague of Shadows buy
Prince of Wolves.jpg Prince of Wolves buy
Winter Witch.jpg Winter Witch buy
The Worldwound Gambit.jpg The Worldwound Gambit buy