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The Varnhold Vanishing

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #33: The Varnhold Vanishing
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June 2, 2010

The Varnhold Vanishing, an adventure by Greg A. Vaughan with support articles by Ed Greenwood, Colin McComb, Steven Schend, F. Wesley Schneider, and Neil Spicer and fiction by J.C. Hay, was released on June 2, 2010. It is the third of six parts of the Kingmaker adventure path.

Vanished Without a TraceThe Stolen Lands consume many wanderers—the perils of its rugged wildernesses and hidden mysteries prey upon even the wariest of travelers. Founded upon one of the most savage frontiers, the colony of Varnhold defied the many dangers of this harsh region. At least, it did until all the residents of the fledgling community completely disappeared. Now it falls to the PCs to discover what became of their eastern neighbor, a secret steeped in generations-old hatreds and the mysteries of an empire long crumbled to dust. Can they uncover the terrible secret behind this shocking disappearance before the same calamity befalls their own land?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path includes:


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Paizo Creative Director James Jacobs discusses how the adventure's boss became a lich and the real-world history of the Roanoke Colony which inspired this adventure, and expands on the new city statblock format detailed in the GameMastery Guide.

The Varnhold Vanishing
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Into the Stolen Lands
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Adventure synopsis


The Kingmaker Adventure Path is about to explode! As the war with the bandit kings of the River Kingdoms escalates, the nascent kingdom of Varnhold to the east of the heroes' new realm falls silent. An investigation reveals that something dire has seized Varnhold, leaving an entire town empty of life or even signs of violence. What fell influence from the wildlands east of the River Kingdoms is responsible for the Varnhold vanishing? This volume of Pathfinder contains the first detailed look at the blasted plains east of the Inner Sea region, a ruined swath of the realm of Iobaria ruled today by sinister druids, feral barbarians, centaur tribes, and an ancient slumbering menace whose remnants still haunt this realm today.