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Council of Thieves Map Folio

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Council of Thieves Map Folio
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The Council of Thieves Map Folio, featuring cartography by Jared Blando and Rob Lazzaretti, was released in March 2010.

Shadowy scoundrels and infernal masterminds scheme to claim the city of Westcrown in the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. Those who dare to face this villainy find challenges taking them from stinking slums to regal villas, through dilapidated museums and diabolical labyrinths, and on perilous paths beneath and beyond the tarnished city. The Council of Thieves Map Folio leads the way through the first Adventure Path created entirely for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Within lie more than a dozen full-color maps of the metropolis's most famous and deadly locales! Even if you aren't running the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, the maps inside can serve as settings for palaces, dungeons, slums, and adventure sites for any RPG campaign. You'll also find a massive, 8-panel poster map revealing the infamous city of Westcrown, the setting of the entire campaign, presented as you've never seen it before! An entire city of adventure awaits!