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Legacy of Fire Map Folio

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Legacy of Fire Map Folio
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Legacy of Fire Map Folio, featuring cartography by Rob Lazzaretti and Jared Blando, was released in August 2009.

A Path Through Flames!The Legacy of Fire Adventure Path leads you from the frontiers of exotic Katapesh through the planes of existence on a fantastic and deadly journey. You'll venture from quiet villages to the bustling trader's metropolis of Katapesh and from lost demiplanes to the palaces of the mythical City of Brass on this quest to save the realm from the centuries-old plot of an insane genie lord.

The Legacy of Fire Map Folio charts the course through this epic campaign, reprinting all the key locations explored in Pathfinder's fourth Adventure Path with more than a dozen full-color maps! Even if you aren't running Legacy of Fire, the maps inside can serve as towns, dungeons, castles, and entire new worlds for any RPG campaign.

In addition, inside this folio you'll find two huge, poster-sized maps of the dimension of Kakishon, the hidden refuge of an ancient wizard-king; and the metropolis of Katapesh, the glamorous and bizarre market city where any treasure or pleasure can be had for the right price. With the Legacy of Fire Map Folio, you'll never lose your course to adventure!