Pure Legion enforcer

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Pure Legion enforcer
A Pure Legion enforcer.
(Prestige class)
Region Rahadoum
Races Any
Classes Any incapable of casting divine magic spells
Progression 10 levels

Source: Inner Sea Combat, pg(s). 32

A Pure Legion enforcer supports the atheistic Pure Legion of Rahadoum in enforcing the Laws of Mortality. Pure Legion enforcers are highly skilled, and their powerful skepticism of and opposition to divine magic makes them particularly resistant to its effects.[1]


The traditional clothing of the Pure Legion is a white and gold garment that provides some resistance to divine magic.[2]


A Pure Legion enforcer is skilled at detecting, rooting out, and resisting divine influences and the people and items that bear it. Their commanding voices and actions can shake the wills of believers, and eventually even briefly disrupt the connection between a deity and one of its follower.[1]