Balanced scale of Abadar

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Balanced Scale of Abadar
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(Prestige class)

Any; often Katapesh
6 levels
Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 54-55

Balanced scales of Abadar are devoted servants of the God of wealth and trade. A unique part of the priesthood that exists to deal with the important demands that Katapesh has put on the church of Abadar.1


As well as performing all the usual functions of a priest of Abadar, the balanced scales venture into the depths of Katapesh's wilderness seeking to reclaim ill gotten or lost wealth from the tombs and ancient ruins that dot the wilderness. More than mere tomb robbers or divinely sponsored Pathfinders, balanced scales seek to return this wealth to its rightful owner or, if that proves impossible, then use it for the betterment of all civilization and thus strengthen Abadar's church.1

Becoming a balanced scale

To become a balanced scale requires more than devotion to Abadar, a prospective member must also be an experienced divine spellcaster with both an eye for value and training at the art of bypassing locks and traps.1


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A balanced scale gains some unique abilities as they gain experience in their role.

Bypass Ward
An ability to bypass magical locks
Appraising Eye
An ability to quickly appraise the value of items, even while under duress
Bottomless Bag
An ability to create extra-dimension space inside of any container
Eloquent Bargainer
An increase to the balanced scale's natural skill at diplomacy and to gather information as well as in dealing with planar binding spells
Access the Vault
The ability to borrow copies of items stored in Abadar's mythical First Vault
Vault Jump
At the height of their power, balanced scales of Abadar gain the ability to briefly travel through the First Vault using it as a way to get out of sticky situations.


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