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Zernebeth, a Technic League technomancer.
(Prestige class)
Region Numeria
Races Any
Classes Arcane spellcasters
Progression 10 levels

Source: Technology Guide, pg(s). 14-15

Technomancers are adept at combining magic and technology, finding and repairing technological devices, controlling robots, and inventing new technology.

Numeria's Technic League is led by technomancers; they are rare, and unaffiliated technomancers are rarer still as the League jealously guards their secrets. Technomancers must specialize in engineering and be especially skilled in manipulating devices and spellcraft.[1]


Technomancers employ their engineering expertise to refurbish, maintain, and repair technological devices, regardless of the items' age. Their expertise with technology also makes them more competent when crafting new technology in laboratories.[1]

As they progress in their training, technomancers can learn to power technological devices with magic (and vice versa), command robots, and efficiently recycle technological gear.[2]


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