Ulfen Guard (prestige class)

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Ulfen Guard
(Prestige class)
Region Principally Taldor
Races Any of at least half-Ulfen descent
Classes Any
Progression 10 levels

Source: Inner Sea Combat, pg(s). 34
For another meaning of "Ulfen Guard", please see Ulfen Guard.

An Ulfen Guard serves as one of the elite bodyguards of Taldan Prince Stavian III. Only those of at least half-Ulfen descent can serve as Ulfen Guards.[1]

While primarily protectors of Prince Stavian III, the prince dispatches or is accompanied by Ulfen Guards across the Inner Sea region to protect himself and his interests, or even to serve inconspicuously among Ulfen groups in service to the crown.[1]


Ulfen Guards are expert bodyguards of exceptional loyalty. They are adept in protecting their allies, resist attempts to turn them against their allies, and tap their deep wells of rage to punish opponents in physical combat.[1]


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