Arcane trickster

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Arcane Trickster
Bellinos, an arcane trickster
(Prestige class)
Region Any
Races Any
Classes Rogue arcanists
Progression 10 levels

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 376-378
This article covers the prestige class. For the mythic path, see trickster.

Arcane tricksters seek to meld the arts of thievery and subterfuge with the arcane. Able to manipulate objects, disarm traps, and pick locks and pockets from a distance, arcane tricksters focus on the less conspicuous elements of magic to enhance their often less-than-legal pursuits, and stymie foes more through humiliation than domination. Many arcane tricksters are also rogues, bards, or sorcerers, though a few wizardry scoundrels have also assumed the trickster's mantle. Particularly talented arcane tricksters are known to cast spells more suddenly and silently than their traditional counterparts, and can even turn invisible in the blink of an eye.[1]


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