Shackles pirate

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Shackles Pirate
(Prestige class)

Usually the Shackles
Multiclass rangers / rogues
10 levels
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 232
See also: Shackles Pirates

To the sailors navigating the area of the Shackles, there is more danger than just the Eye of Abendego. Indeed, almost as dangerous are the many pirates that prowl the area, brigands who have become adept at surviving the area's many marshes and the dreaded hurricane which claims the lives of so many. While most of these pirates are little more than sailing thugs, some come to possess an unnatural talent for robbery and mayhem within the sodden depths of the Shackles, the so called Shackles Pirates. These fearsome pirates often rise to prominence amongst their fellow pirates, possessing a talent for moving through the bogs of their home and can even navigate the Eye of Abendego itself. The most powerful even gain strange abilities to craft temporary ships from the ever present mists that settle across the lands of the Shackles.1


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