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(Prestige class)
Region Any
Races Any
Classes Any, often rogues and bards
Progression 3 levels

Source: Children of the Void, pg(s). 62–63

The Chevaliers are heroes who do not believe in the strict codes of the knightly paladin but are still interested in slaying evil, doing good and creating their own epic tales. Chevaliers tend to embrace life more than stuffy knightly orders, they try to enjoy the best thing and their tales are shared in local taverns over a good pint, rather than written into literary epics. Chevaliers are for the most part worshippers of Cayden Cailean, serving a similar role to that of the paladins in the church of Iomedae or Sarenrae. Chevaliers can come from almost any background, rogues, fighters, barbarians even sorcerers have been considered chevaliers. Entry into the Chevaliers is relatively easy: the applicants just have to be sworn in by an existing chevalier. When doing this, the applicant invokes the name of the divine patron they intend to serve or the person whose good deeds they aspire to match.[1]


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