Argent dramaturge

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Argent dramaturge
Argent dramaturge
(Prestige class)

10 levels
Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 172–173
See also: Argent voice

An argent dramaturge is both a talented performer of bardic magic and a scholar of foundational performative theories and concepts. Tightly associated with the performing arts in the Chelish city of Kintargo, these performers have weaponized their arts against House Thrune and its diabolic allies.1


Their specialized magical singing performances are especially effective in the presence of outsiders, even more so against those that also have an anathematic vulnerability to silver. They can also perform a version of the legendary "Song of Silver", an anthem used by the Silver Ravens in Kintargo's rebellion against House Thrune, that imbues nearby allies' weapons with the same anathematic properties of silver and interdicts teleportation by fiends and evil outsiders.1

Their mastery and deep understanding of inspiring music also allows argent dramaturges to bolster their allies' courage and competence through song.1


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