Mortal usher

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Mortal usher
(Prestige class)

Not undead
Any, unless alignment restricted
10 levels
Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 76f.

Mortal ushers serve as living agents for psychopomps that are recruited by those outsiders to perform tasks more suited to a mortal person or missions that require travel to places where psychopomps are barred or unwelcome. They carry out deeds that support the work of Pharasma's enforcers such as halting any attacks on the River of Souls or combatting troublesome undead.1


No undead creature can ever become a mortal usher, nor can those mortals who strongly side with the philosophies of good or evil, such as paladins. Candidates must have studied the planes and deeply understand religion. Finally, the mantle of a mortal usher can only be taken up by those who have either gained the close trust and friendship of a psychopomp or who have a proven record of putting right attacks on Pharasma's order.1


Mortal ushers come from many backgrounds, such as mighty warriors or powerful spellcasters and, as they gain power as a mortal usher, their inherent capabilities are not neglected. They can, unusually, manipulate both negative energy and positive energy to their needs. As mortal ushers gain experience, they begin to take on some of the capabilities of psychopomps to aid them in their work.1


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