Lantern Bearer

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Lantern Bearer
(Prestige class)
Region Kyonin
Races Elf or Half-elf
Classes Martial classes
Progression 10 levels

Source: Paths of Prestige, pg(s). 32
For another meaning of "Lantern Bearer", please see Lantern Bearer (constellation).

A Lantern Bearer is a member of the secretive elven Lantern Bearers organization, which is devoted to the eradication of the drow.[1]

The Lantern Bearers (known as Shin'Rakorath in Elven) were founded by the secretive Winter Council as a means of policing drow on the surface world. The organisation were highly skilled at hunting and slaying their evil kin and even managed to keep the existence of the drow little more than a unsubstantiated rumour.[2]


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