Razmiran priest

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Razmiran priest
A Razmiran cultist
(Prestige class)
Region Razmiran
Races Any
Classes Arcane spellcaster
Progression 10 levels

Source: Paths of Prestige, pg(s). 44

A Razmiran priest is a false divine caster loyal to the false god, Razmir, who can readily use arcane spells and abilities to make onlookers perceive he is casting divine spells.[1]

Fake clerics

Because Razmir is not a true god, his priests cannot cast true divine spells, instead using arcane magic to mask their deficiency. Healing, normally a staple of all clerics, is a particular problem for Razmiran priests, who use obscure arcane magic, folk remedies, and so-called "holy" artifacts to cure. They are quite convincing, and are able to dupe most commoners who see them perform their magic.[2]


Razmiran priests are able to exhibit the powers of a divine domain as though they were servants of a real god. The domains that Razmir is able to falsely replicate for his followers are Charm, Evil, Law, or Trickery.[1]


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