Winter witch

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For another meaning of "Winter witch", please see Winter Witch.
Winter witch
A Winter Witch
(Prestige class)
Region Irrisen
Races Any
Classes Witch
Progression 10 levels

Source: Reign of Winter Player's Guide, pg(s). 12
A Winter Witch

A winter witch is the name given to the variant of a normal witch who specializes in magic of cold.[1][2][3]

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In Irrisen, a winter witch may also be a member of the Jadwiga, the nobility of Irrisen.[4] They are the granddaughters of Baba Yaga, and are viewed with enormous respect and fear in their homeland.[5] The White Witches are the exclusively female winter witches who govern and administer Irrisen.[6]

Favored familiars

Winter witches of Irrisen take hardy familiars; prime examples include foxes, hares, penguins, ice mephits, and ice elementals.[7]

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