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(Prestige class)
Region Any
Races Any
Classes Divine magic spellcasters
Alignment [1]
Progression 10 levels

Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 200-201

An exalted embodies her faith with such zeal that she inspires others to follow it. Exalted connect to their chosen deity through meditation, reflection, and scholarship, and while this work (and their abilities and behavior) differs as greatly between exalted as between their deities, the end is always similar: to inspire others to their cause and faith by example.[2]


An exalted bears an easily displayed, permanently branded mark on her body representing her chosen deity. Even if the mark is forcibly removed, it regenerates within a day.[2]

More powerful exalted take on a physical trait or gain a visible aura that exemplifies their deity's form or power.[3]


An exalted's deity empowers her divine magic, and her deep knowledge expands the range of spells she can cast compared to most of her deity's other followers. Powerful exalted can discern enemies of their faith on sight alone, and the most powerful among them become vessels for divine miracles.[3]


  1. Must be the same as her chosen deity.
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