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The ruined town of Hyden is located in the Hyden Marches region, in the foothills of the World's Edge Mountains, in the Porthmos Prefecture of Taldor, roughly 50 miles southeast of Antios's Crown. The town is long-abandoned and the area is administered by the Lotheed family, who were appointed as landgraves.1

Formerly a prosperous mining and farming community, the populace was ordered to relocate by order of Duke Panivar Lotheed and the town had its name stricken from most official records in order to conceal his arcane experiments. Hyden's fields remain fertile, and the mines still bear veins of copper, malachite, and even gem-quality cuprite.

At its height, Hyden handled administration for the entire county and supported a thriving population of jewelers, metalworkers, and even a national mint. Today, most of the buildings are vacant and crumbling.2


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