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Talamir, now known as Dragonscar was a wealthy city. Many of the buildings were painted green and blue to match the flag of Taldor, showing the citizen's pride. Then the mountain Blackpeak erupted, spilling lava and ash all over the city1 in 4486 AR.2 Between molten rock, poisonous fumes, and the dragon Horranath, the entire population of the city was wiped out. Once this was done, the dragon came back, torching buildings that remained standing, turning them to wreckage.1

Sitting in the shadow of Blackpeak creates natural hazards for any willing to venture forth into the ruins of the town. Following the eruption, vents opened in the ground, spewing gases let off by the superheated rock just under the surface. Fungi,2 oozes,3 and slimes of various types are thriving in the unstable climate.2 Creatures are also starting to return to the area, but they are not all things that were native to this land in the past. While the vermin and rock lizards may be resilient leftovers from before the volcano erupted, the new inhabitants are those that adventurers should worry about. First are the necropyres, the undead spirits of the city's former inhabitants, forever burning as they wander the city. There are a few stubborn wyvern staying in the towers and other high point in the ruined city.3