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Canalsguard sits next to Pastorling at the conjunction of the Lingian Prefecture's three largest canals. It was originally built to protect Taldor's canals from being used by any invading force from Qadira. Originally, Canalsguard was built as a inspection and toll station but, during the Grand Campaign, it was greatly expanded and heavily fortified. Since the end of the war with Qadira, Canalsguard has lingered as a hopelessly overbuilt relic of the war. It is now guarded by a skeleton garrison, barely large enough to even manage the toll station. The majority of the fortress sits empty and it is used as a dumping ground by the Taldan military for washouts and screw ups. Canalsguard is currently commanded by Urbicus Porphygo, the scion of a middling noble house based in Oppara and, even with these lowered expectations, he has not been a stellar commander of the fortress.1


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