Kazuhn City

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Kazuhn City

Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 18

Kazuhn City serves as the capital of the Kazuhn Prefecture in the heart of Taldor, but all is not well in Kazuhn City. Almost three quarters of the city stands empty: half having been abandoned, and another quarter ravaged by the great fire of 4702 AR. Most of what remains are industrial buildings devoted to keeping the agricultural produce of Kazuhn Prefecture endlessly flowing to the distant capital of Oppara.1

The regions of Kazuhn City abandoned by polite society, now known as Squatter City, are far from truly empty. A shadow economy now nestles amongst the ruins of Kazuhn. This economy revolves around drugs and other illegal produce, particularly flayleaf, and even the best efforts of the city guard, led by Almoril Tersian, have failed to root out this corruption. The nobility often talk of finally demolishing the abandoned regions of the city but the expense has thus far prevented them from doing this. So, Squatter City remains a home to criminals, the destitute, and the monsters and vermin that prey on both.1


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