Wilting Rose

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Wilting Rose is a former conservatory dedicated to the goddess Shelyn located on the outskirts of the Verduran Forest that has now fallen into serene ruin. Before its decline Wilting Rose was known as Everrose School and taught young Taldans the art of sculpture and painting to a standard that matched the famed Rhapsodic College of Oppara. The Wilting Rose is located in Taldor's Northern Tandak Prefecture along what was once a prosperous trade route into the neighbouring Galt. However in the wake of the Even-Tongued Conquest in 4081 AR trade to Taldor's former province of Galt decreased dramatically. The Everrose School, that had also served as a serene oasis for weary travellers, entered a long period of decline. Eventually the school was completely abandoned by the church of Shelyn, earning its current moniker, Wilting Rose.1

Today Wilting Rose still retains those murals, sculptures and other divinely inspired works of art that were too delicate or difficult to be evacuated or, later, looted. Its inhabitants have also changed a lot, playing frequent host to bands of werewolves and witchwolf beastkin from deeper in the Verduran Forest. Due to its atmosphere of ruined, despoiled beauty it also frequently attracts various type of hags. These hags sometimes form unholy alliances with the local werewolves, if their paths cross, creating a force that can become a true menace to the surrounding region. Still, despite this danger, young couples will often undertake a strange pilgrimage to Wilting Rose to spend a night amongst its ruined beauty in the hopes that Shelyn will bless their love or gift their children with artistic potential.1


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