Fairview Isle

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Fairview Isle is both an island and the name of the noble estate that sits atop it. Located in the Moda Prefecture, Fairview Isle is the home of Grand Duke Nestor Delriddia, the ruler of the prefecture, and from its high walls he can watch the ships passing into and out of Golsifar's bay. Grand Duke Delriddia adores sailing and Fairview Island's dock is home to a small fleet of the Duke's personal yachts. The Grand Duke's advisors have warned him against his, sometimes days long, sailing trips out into the Obari Ocean near Fairview Isle. What it is Grand Duke Delriddia does on these voyages is anyone's guess, some bawdy pub songs claim he has a harem of merfolk or azarketi at his command, while others claim he continues waging a one-man naval campaign against the slavers of Okeno.1


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