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Darromoor is the palatial estate of Grand Duchess Destelita Solari, ruler of the Ligos Prefecture of Taldor. Destelita is the newest of Taldor's Grand Dukes and Duchesses, having been appointed only a few years ago when the previous ruler, Grand Duke Eustan Veriaterros, was tried for treason. The ruthless Grand Duchess Destelita has only one weakness, her incredible fondness for her estate of Darromoor. No expense is too much, no task to laborious for Darromoor, it is rumoured that the estate currently employs more gardeners, builders, masons and labourers than the whole of the neighbouring city of Elbistan combined. So many are employed at Darromor that Grand Duchess Destelita's enemies have managed to sneak numerous spies into the workforce to monitor the comings and goings of the estate. The Grand Duchess solution to this has been to dish out incredibly cruel punishments to anyone who seems incompetent, under-qualified or simply devoted enough to their job. These have include such bloody punishments as disfigurement and even mutilation. Some now even claim that the pink walls of Darromoor were originally meant to be white but have become irrevocably tainted with the blood of its workers.1


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