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Urfa-Halij is an ancient memorial located in the Sophra Prefecture and is sacred to both the people of Taldor and their neighbouring rivals in Qadira. Urfa-Halij marks the location of the first ever battle between the people of Taldor and, as it was at the time, the Empire of Kelesh. Known as the Battle of Urfa to the Taldans and the Battle of Halij to the Qadirans, Urfa-Halij recognises both perspectives and stands as a testament of respect for those soldiers lost by both sides of the war. Both sides recognise this place as sacred and, by custom, no sort of conflict takes place for miles around the monument. This has made it one of the most peaceful and fertile areas along the war-ravaged border between Taldor and Qadira, with rabbits being particularly common.1

The Urfa-Halij monument itself consists of two raised arms, one wielding a Taldan-styled longsword, the other a Qadiran scimitar, the blades of both meeting in the middle where a huge diamond is set. This diamond catches even the dimmest of light, making it seem as if the blades are sparking even on a moonlit night. Many debate, due to the striking nature of Urfa-Halij, if it is really a monument to the dead or if, in fact, it is secretly a tribute to the glory of war.1


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