Antios's Crown

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Antios's Crown is a sprawling burial area located at the summit of Mount Antios in Taldor.1

The entire area is a massive network of opulent shrines, towering statues and ostentatious mausoleums. The streets are richly decorated with fountains and pools throughout the numerous plazas.2

Named after Taldor's tenth emperor, Antios's Crown was greatly valued by Taldan nobles, who went to almost any length for the honour of being entombed at the mountain peak. A great deal of hidden treasure is entombed along with these deceased aristocrats, although would-be tomb-robbers may have to contend with cunning traps and deadly guardians first.3

Being atop such a lofty peak, the rare visitor must contend with freezing temperatures in addition to altitude sickness. However, the view of the Tandak Plains far below is quite spectacular.4