Sanctum's Watch

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Sanctum's Watch was built to guard a pass in the Southern Range of the World's Edge Mountains in the Taldan province of Ligos, a purpose which it no longer serves. Sanctum's Watch is a fortress expertly hidden amongst the mountains and the valley itself was a sight of much bloodshed in the early days of the Grand Campaign, when the Taldan army faced off against the forces of Qadira. Seen as an easy way to march an army into the soft belly of Taldor, the valley was eventually fortified, which discouraged Qadira from ever trying this approach again. Unfortunately, this led to disuse. After several centuries, Sanctum's Watch was all but abandoned, with Taldan officials even forgetting how the hidden fortress was accessed.

Current occupants

Today, Sanctum's Watch serves as the seat of a petty hobgoblin fiefdom, which also includes swarms of kobolds and even some hill giants. Unbeknownst to the current rulers, Sanctum's Watch sits atop a colossal stockpile of concealed magical siege weapons.1


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