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Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 40, 68

Jambis was once a thriving community in the Taldan county of Meratt, but is now nothing more than ruins and has been that way since at least 4708 AR.1


The settlement's problems began when the ruling Baron Araig Telus withdrew completely from public life, and folks began trickling away from the town. Jambis's death knell was when a fire, started in a derelict tavern called Rat's Nest, spread quickly across much of the town. The circumstances of the fire were suspicious; the fire began in an empty building and spread much faster than seemed natural. Still, with their ruling baron absent and few resources remaining for rebuilding, the town was quietly abandoned.1

Many of the residents travelled north to settle in Moost or Voinaris, while some travelled south to New Towne. The ruins of Jambis are now overrun with giant spiders.2


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