Broken Bridge

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Broken Bridge is the name given to the ruins of a massive causeway that once crossed its namesake Brokenbridge River. Located halfway between the city of Yanmass and the start of the Verduran Fork, Broken Bridge was destroyed by a silver dragon sometime during the Dragon Plague between 3660 and 3672 AR. Rather than rebuild the bridge, locals left it as a memorial to the destruction and horrors of dragonkind's decade long rampage across the country. Instead the local built a smaller, wooden bridge next to the original Broken Bridge, along with a small stone fort, made from some of the remnants of the bridge that now houses members of the River Guard. All that still remains of the original Broken Bridge are the pilings and a few spans, local youths sometimes dare each other to try and cross the bridge by leaping between these, a feat seemingly physically impossible certainly one not achieved within living memory.1


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