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Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 68

The hamlet of Moost grew up around the nearby Crabbe Estate and attends to the family's cranberry bogs but has also flourished into a small, almost self-sufficient little community (Moost still somewhat relies on the financial support of House Crabbe).1 Moost is also famous for hosting the largest and nicest coaching house along the North Cassomir Highway. Dame Parthena Crabbe used to run a very successful conservatory tutoring young musicians and dancers at the nearby Crabbe Estate that bolstered Moost's economy but the number of students has dwindled since Parthena's husband passed away.2 Moost is awash with gossip, the most common being around possible suitors for the Crabbe heiress, Sepsinia Crabbe.1


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