Even-Tongued Conquest

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The Even-Tongued Conquest (40814091 AR), also known (especially in Taldor) as the Even-Tongued Rebellion, began with the declaration of Chelish independence from Taldor. Two years earlier, a major Qadiran invasion of southern Taldor had begun, tying up the Taldan armies for the foreseeable future. Seeing this, Aspex the Even-Tongued, a Taldan governor, consolidated the armies under his command, and declared all territory west of the Sellen River to belong to the new nation of Cheliax.[1] As the Taldor–Qadira conflict (later to be known as the Grand Campaign) continued, King Aspex annexed the Taldan provinces of Galt and Isger by threat of force,[1][2] and convinced Andoran and the strix of Devil's Perch to join his new nation.[3] A decade after Aspex declared independence, Taldor had lost nearly half its land area without a battle fought. This was commemorated across Cheliax as an annual celebration, Even-Tongued Day, until the Age of Lost Omens. It remains a holiday in modern Cheliax and its former territories, but is now primarily a day of mourning, as the events of the Chelish Civil War make both Infernal Cheliax and its independent territories consider its size at founding cause for regret, for different reasons.[citation needed]

The nation of Lastwall, previously a Taldan protectorate, declared its neutrality during this conflict. This was effectively also an independence movement, in that it was no longer principally protected or funded by any one nation.[1]


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